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April Milonga & Special Lesson

Join Iowa Tango on April 13th for our “Tango Through Time” milonga transporting you to the vintage ballrooms of the 1920s-1950s.

At the historic DanceMor Ballroom in Swisher, IA, you’ll be immersed in a romantic bygone era as you tango across the original 1929 hardwood dance floor surrounded by nostalgic decor and classic tango music spanning the decades. Embrace the theme and dress in your tango-inspired vintage best!

We have an exceptionally special guest instructor this month – Matias Sotto, a renowned tango dancer and teacher hailing directly from the tango capital of Buenos Aires, Argentina. With two decades of professional experience, Matias was the first man to compete in the prestigious World Tango Championships in both lead and follow roles.

Matias will share his mastery focusing on the giro/molinete – the essential circular traveling movements that are the foundation for progressing to more advanced figures. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn from one of the true Argentine tango masters!

Matias will also be offering private lessons in Cedar Rapids during the day on Saturday for those wanting more personalized coaching. His visit is timed perfectly to help promote his upcoming Tango Workshop in Fairfield, IA on April 20-21 (See the event posting for more details).

Our very own DJ Irina has curated a special vintage tango playlist spanning the golden era to set the perfect ambiance for this event. You’ll swoon to the sultry sounds of legendary orchestras like Donato, Troilo, Di Sarli and more!

You’re welcome to bring snacks or food to share. Please note that outside drinks are prohibited, but a variety of drinks are available for purchase at the bar.

Lesson plus Milonga Entry: $20
Milonga only: $10
Please cash only

Please help us plan and support tango in Iowa by letting us know you are coming at our Facebook page: #TangoThroughTime @IowaTango 

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March Milonga in Cedar Rapids

Come to experience the world of Argentine Tango with us in Cedar Rapids, as we blend the elegance of dance with the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day! Join our friendly community for a dual celebration – a lively milonga paired with the festive charm of St. Paddy’s!

Kick off the night with a special tango lesson led by the talented Victor! Whether you’re a seasoned dancer or taking your first steps, all levels are embraced. Feel free to bring a dish or drink to share, and let’s enjoy good company, great music, and, of course, some wonderful tango moves. Save the date, extend the invitation to your friends, and let’s make this dancing evening unforgettable!

We’ve got a delightful twist for you! Let’s add a dash of spice and joy to the dance floor by encouraging everyone to dress up in a fun and festive way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!  Whether it’s a hint of green, a full-on leprechaun ensemble, or your own creative twist, let’s infuse our Milonga with a vibrant burst of St. Paddy’s Day spirit!

We’ll be voting for the most fun costumes! The outfits that bring the most joy, laughter, and St. Patrick’s Day spirit will be the ones taking home a fun prize. Spread the word, invite your friends, and let’s make this night a visually stunning celebration with the added fun of our St. Patrick’s Day Costume Contest!  See you on the dance floor, spiced up and dressed to impress.

As the dance floor beckons, our fantastic DJ Irina will keep you twirling and swirling all night long. Get ready for a magical night of Argentine Tango, spiced with the festive spirit of St. Patrick’s Day!

If you let us know you are coming we can plan well and make the experience better for you. Go here and say you are going! Share the link with friends to help us spread the word.

Admission to the event is $10 per person or $15 per leader-follower couple. Please, cash only. See you on the dance floor!

Cedar Rapids Milonga

Join us for an evening of Argentine Tango in Cedar Rapids after a 4-year hiatus!
Let’s gather for a casual, friendly milonga. Feel free to bring a dish or drink to share, and let’s enjoy good company, great music, and, of course, some wonderful tango moves.

Before the dance floor heats up, Victor and Patricia will lead a special tango lesson. All levels are welcome, so whether you’re a seasoned dancer or just starting out, come and learn some new steps. Save the date, invite friends, and let’s make this reunion memorable.

Plus, our fantastic DJ Irina will keep you dancing all night